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Unplugged Yoga

In Short

Unplugged Yoga is a newly opened Yoga Studio based in Brisbane, Australia which specializes in Power Yoga. In 2019, Unplugged Yoga was found by Shayne Andrew, who has been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years and teaching Power Yoga for more than one year.

When Shayne approached JG Design she already had a clear vision on what her website should represent and how she wanted to communicate on Social Media.

What we've done

1. Product Strategy

2. UI-Design

3. Responsive Webdesign

4. Digital Marketing

5. SEO Strategy

In Detail

With the new design, Unplugged Yoga developed into an authentic, unique platform that reached users on an emotional level. The newly designed landing page served the purpose of displaying the point of difference to other Yoga studios: Power Yoga. This allows the users to easily browse, explore and easily access the booking tab.

A consistent color system

In order to create consistency throughout the new design we defined a palette of four primary colors. The black and white visualize perfectly the strength this type of yoga represents while the soft blue and grey remind of the gentleness that yoga also represents.


To communicate the brand’s visual message we needed to find the perfect typography which would complement the color choices. Since the main purpose of the site is to provide information for strong yoga practices and book yoga classes, having a legible headline and copy font played a significant role.

We settled for LTC Bodoni 175 as headline font and Proxima Nova as body copy font after testing various typeface options. The feminine look of LTC Bodoni 175 provided a nice contrast to the body copy font Proxima Nova, which perfectly aligns with the 'strong' approach of Power Yoga and also provided readability.


Creating a unique website for Unplugged Yoga was certainly one of our favorite projects this year. Throughout the process Shayne, was very open-minded, which allowed us to create something entirely new and exciting for her audience. The result exceeded her expectations and served as a valuable foundation to bring her brand to the next level.