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JustGo Design is a strategy and design agency. We specialize in digital marketing, custom websites, and business automation.

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Frederike Higgs

In the digital world I do design and research. In a nutshell, I love researching the latest web and design trends, and then applying my UX background to create purposeful web design. In the real world I love photography and travel.

David Higgs

In the digital world I do content and strategy. In a nutshell, I love creating content and then deploying the content through multiple strategies that involve automation, CMS, and CRM's. In the real world I am traveling and kitesurfing. I am currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Blockchain Technology to further my technical knowledge in the space.

The brief was well met and the website turned out to be amazing, Freda did the design and the options she presented to me were absolutely incredible… She made me feel very at ease!

Shayne Andrew - Unplugged Yoga