SEO, Marketing

Paragon Pest Control


Our client needed an online presence through Google search and through social media outlets. There was no existing website, therefore there was no previous online presence. This was a project built from the ground up in a highly competitive service area (pest control). Paragon Pest Control also needed a system for managing their customers as well as a lead generation strategy, once their online presence was established.

What we've done

1. Web design & optimization

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for continued traffic growth

3. Digital Marketing

4. Content Creation

5. Creation of automated lead responses

6. Configuration of CRM (ServiceM8)

What was our objective?

Creating a brand new website using the existing brand, logo, and colors as well as all social media accounts and managing the social posting for brand awareness. JG Design was also hired to create a process for handling the new web traffic including CRM implementation (ServiceM8) and automated email sequences and marketing campaigns.


Our client has seen steady growth and some web pages are already competing with well-established competitors. The client's internal operations have been optimized using ServiceM8 and we have integrated this into an ongoing email marketing campaign. We have installed tracking tags for both ‘calls’ and ‘quotes’ so that both the client and the marketing partner can see the success of the strategy over time via an easy to follow dashboard.